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Grandview Golf Course began in 1902 as a nine-hole city course, designed by Warren Dickson.  The course was redesigned and opened 

as a 18 hole course in the spring of 1911.  Course designers could not have foreseen the city growth on the east side and the

importance a nearby street would have on bringing travelers in and out of the city.  The 1911 golf course had golfers driving 

the ball across Hubbell Avenue to reach the 11th and 12th holes.  As the popularity of traveling by automobile increased, Hubbell Avenue 

proved to be one of Des Moines busiest streets.  The road became part of one of the earliest transcontinental highways.

It was dangerous IMG_1840for golfers to cross the busy road, and drivers and their passengers

risked being struck by golf balls. By the 1920's, golfers asked the city to purchase 

more land so that Grandview's golf course could be redesigned.  The original 18 

holes design also had players "shuttling" between fairways as golfers played out 

on one fairway and back on another.  The course had been created on just 78 acres,

 and "shuttling" between fairways created hassles and hazardous conditions for

golfers.  Grandview golfers again fought to expand the course.  The park board 

considered buying an 18-acre tract for $22,500 in 1931, but declared the land too pricey.  

The plan was turned down again in 1932 as the $91,000 Birdland swimming pool

was created.  Finally, in October 1933, the park board approved the purchase of the

18 acres immediately east of the golf course, but buying the tract would not be

easy.   The council finally agreed in December 1933 to buy the land through a

15 year lease at a cost of $1,000 year.  This "golden age"  golf course is considered to

be a short course, but well protected by its tree lined fairways and domed like greens.